Certificate Attestation and Apostille Services in Mumbai

What Do You Mean by Attestation & Apostille?

The document attestation for the purpose of travelling to another country and obtaining a visa is called as attestation or apostille. The difference between these two is that the Ministry of External Affairs, a branch of the Indian government that finally verifies the document on behalf of the government of India, will stamp on an attested document and provide a sticker for the apostille attestation.

However, the procedures may differ depending on the country you are applying for or the type of paperwork you possess. For some countries, there are only four steps while for some there are five, for instance, if you are applying for UAE then there is an additional attestation procedure called the MOFA Attestation.

Where Will You Find Service?

How to get your Documents Attested?
How to get your Documents Attested?

The attestation and apostille procedure can turn out to be pretty time-consuming. Applying through a third party proves to be convenient. Among the attestation services in Mumbai, PEC stands out for a reason. We are experienced in the area for more than 6+ years now and we have an excellent staff working behind the site for apostille in Mumbai. The team has attained expertise in providing the certificate attestation in Mumbai and other centres as well. We provide attestation and apostille services for all types of documents: personal, educational, and commercial.

Why choose PEC?

  • Valid and experienced in the area of attestation and apostille related services.
  • Thorough with the knowledge of all the attestation & apostille details.
  • In-depth knowledge of the field and the authorities that are being dealt with.
  • The qualified and certified staff has been hired to work for you.
  • Legitimate academic background and specialisation in the area.
  • Confidentiality of your material is maintained and no misuse of your data takes place.
  • Affordable enough and not overrated or over-priced.
  • Transparency of the process and progress of the procedure that is being let out to the customers.
  • Fast and hassle-free services are provided and customer convenience always matters.

We provide services for attestation and apostille of certificates across India.

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