Guyana Consulate Attestation Service of Commercial Documents in Pune

We are most trusted and professional certificate attestation service providing company in Pune. PEC ensure that our services are fast, reliable, secure and efficient to our clients. Our company will make sure that every document you send us is properly and legally processed from respective government departments & embassies, be they personal, educational or commercial documents. The process to authenticate documents takes time and we pride ourself on offering the most cost-effective and efficient service to meet your needs. For advice and guidance on obtaining attestation service, call our experts or fill up our inquiry form to get in touch with us.

Procedure for Commercial Document Guyana Consulate Attestation in India

Commercial Document Consulate Attestation is not a direct process of attestation, this process of Commercial Document attestation is bit complex.The standard process for Commercial Document Consulate Attestation is described as follows.

  • Chamber Of Commerce Attestation -
    Chamber of commerce is an association of businesses which helps local organisations, it is the first step for legalization of commercial documents. Mostly, legalization of memorandum of association is asked when one wants to use commercial documents to conduct business abroad.
  • MEA Attestation -
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a government commission responsible for India's foreign relations. It is second step for Commercial Document Consulate Attestation. The MEA attestation of commercial documents is performed after verification from the state home department.The Commercial Document is further submitted to MEA to verify the Commercial Document Consulate Attestation issued from any state in India is genuine.
  • Consulate Attestation -
    The final step for commercial documents attestation is done by the respective country's Consulate after MEA attestation. Verification of Commercial Document is done with their final seal and signature of the document.
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Required Documents:

  • Original Document.
  • Passport Copy.
  • Other documents depending upon consulate.

Processing Time:

8 to 10 Days

How to get your Documents Attested?
How to get your Documents Attested?

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