The Quintessentials for working abroad.

Before we get into know why you need it, lets know what it is - Attestation is the process of authentication of personal, commercial and educational documents from the issuing authority—for the purpose of obtaining a work permit in your target country.” The process may differ from one country to another. But without having a sound know-how of procedures, one may easily get off-tracked in the jargon and red tapism. PEC excels in “Attestation Services” for the last half a decade and expedites the process of getting your work permit swiftly



To Acquaint Oneself with Hague Convention.

Is Attestation applicable or you need Apostille, Let’s Find out- Apostille is a small sticker required for the nations those are members of Hague Conventions—to use your documents abroad one needs prove the genuineness of the document from the Ministry of External Affairs”. The same official decree is followed by numbers of 133 nations, one needs to obtain Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs which is uneasy task comparing to attestation with bureaucratic procedures. PEC's deep-rooted contacts with officials makes the whole “Apostille” procedure seamless.

Translation Services

Regional to Foreign Language

Translation of certificates, Wandering around to find Translator? “At first glance, translating a document may appear uncomplicated–however it is a lot more complex than one can imagine. The translator ought to strike a crystal clear balance between literal translation from the original transcript and then making it authentic for the local reader”. This demands versatile experience, expertise, education and talent. The translator is required to place themselves in their audience’s shoes also craft words which will resonate with them the most.At PEC, we are one stop shop for all your needs with a set of professional linguists, who can seamlessly translate your documents into any language

Translation service

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