What Is Provisional Certificate Attestation?

Provisional Certificate attestation is one of the {necessary/important/mandatory/fundamental} {aspects/requirements/needs} that {shall/will} be {looked at/looked upon/seen} when you have {got/set/made} plans to {visit/travel} to {some other/other/another} country. The {present/active/implicated/concerned} government office {requires/needs} the {evidence/proof/approval} that you are {expedient/opportunate/advantageous} when you are {attaining/obtaining/procuring} a visa for sponsorship or scholarship. Also, the {process/procedure/method} of Provisional Certificate attestation in India is a {lengthy/time-consuming/time-taking/broad} and {dismal/monotonous/dreary}. There are a {range/extent/dimensions} of {services/providers/initiative} that {assert/maintain/insist} the certificate attestation until the {final/last} one. Along these lines, {completing/executing/finalizing/finishing} the attestation the {aid/benefit/help} of {experienced/expert/adept/adroit} {agencies/firms/associations} can {end/finish} up being {valuable/useful}.

Provisional Certificate Attestation in India

Provisional Certificate attestation is one of the primary needs that are to be looked upon when you have made plans to visit another country with your spouse. The concerned embassy needs the proof that you are married to your partner certain verification procedures. It is handy when you are obtaining a visa for sponsorship for the spouse and for a family residential visa. Besides, the procedure of Provisional Certificate attestation in India is lengthy and time-consuming. There is a chain of command that approves the certificate attestation until the final one. Hence, getting the attestation done with the help of service providers can prove to be beneficial.

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Why do we need Provisional Certificate Attestation?

A Provisional Certificate is a {significant/needful} personal document that {needs/requires} attestation. It is a {need/requirement} while {pursuing/obtaining} a visa. The {certification/verification} of the Provisional Certificate is {necessary/important} in proving your and your document’s {authenticity/genuinity}. The procedure of attestation is {performed/implemented} by the home government {providing/granting} the {assent/permission} to enter the foreign country. This is done by {procuring/providing} an MEA stamp or an MEA apostille sticker, depending on the {necessity/need}. Hence, a Provisional Certificate is an {important/essential} personal document.

Where you will get Provisional Certificate Attestation services?

Along with other types of documents, PEC also {renders/provides} the attestation for personal documents like Provisional Certificate. The services {given/rendered} are {accounted/reputed} and {notable/well-known}, and the {staff/team} is {client directed/customer oriented}. We have {understanding/experienced} the {area/field} for about 6+ years and now we have {fast/swift} and {hassle-free/quick} {services/serviceability}. The {utilities/services} that are being {provided/given} are all {lawful/legalised} and we shall get the {whole/complete} {procedure/routine} done for you. We also {render/offer} pickup and {deliver/drop} facility to {help/suit} your {necessity/needs}. We shall {gratify/take care of} your attestation needs that a {client/customer} sees as a must.
How to get your Documents Attested?
How to get your Documents Attested?

Provisional Certificate Attestation Procedure

As mentioned before, the Provisional Certificate attestation is a {lengthy/prolonged} {process/procedure}. Since it was {decentralized/regionalized} by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), the branch secretariats and the RPOs are the ones {liable/responsible} to attest the {document/certificate} before it is {lastly/finally} {verified/certified} and stamped by the MEA officials. Listed below is the attestation procedure for Provisional Certificate in India:

Below is the process for Embassy attestation:

  • Notary Attestation
    It is the first level of attestation. It is carried out at the local level by the concerned government officials. This notarization makes a document legalized for further proceedings in attestation and legalizations. Attestation is required when public documents need to be shown in different country.
  • Home Department Attestation
    Home department attestation is the crucial and second step of certificate attestation. All the certificates required for attestation or apostille must be attested by the home department. Personal documents like Marriage/Birth Certificate are confirmed by Home Department. this attestation is also known as Mantralya Attestation.
  • SDM Attestation
    SDM attestation is attesting your certificates from the Sub-divisional magistrate of concerned state situated in Delhi than attesting it from the State Department. This ease the attestation procedure. However, confirmation would be done at the state level by the comparable department. Upon completing the verification, attestation will be done from Sub Divisional Magistrate in Delhi.
  • MEA Stamp
    The MEA officials carry on with this part of the attestation. When the required documents are complete, as a mark of approval, the MEA grants a stamp.Ministry of External affairs controls the attestation from the the initial stage. MEA keeps the record of attestation progress and waits for the detailed report of attestation from the HRD department/Home department and completes the process of attestation.
  • Embassy Attestation
    The attestation from the MEA is later re-checked by the authorization of the respective embassy. This certifies the authenticity of the documents. If you are looking for the certification for Visa, the Embassy will attest your documents. To legalize the document from the respective embassy exact process has to be followed.
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