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What Is Apostille?

How to get your Documents Attested?
How to get your Documents Attested?

The Apostille is a global treaty penned by the Hague Convention on Private International Law. Any specific document Apostilled in an affiliated country is acceptable for all other member nations who are signatories to the Hague Conference.

The Hague Convention of October 1961 Abolished the Necessity of Legalization of international government documents such as personal, educational and commercial.

An apostille verification, India is affixed by qualified authorities chosen by the government of a country that is party to the convention.

When Is It Needed?

Apostille attestation in India is a box-shaped system generated sticker, pasted on the back side of the Original Documents by the MEA, India. MEA Apostille Stamp is a unique sticker getting an original identification number, by which any member nation of The Hague convention can check its authenticity online.

The applicant who plans to shift to any foreign country for any purpose such as study or employment must get this apostille done The Hague Conference 1961 as they are members of it. Since they are signatory to the Convention, documents to be considered in these countries do not need general attestation Instead, MEA provide Apostille to the documents.

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