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The requirement of attestation and apostille certification is that the endorsement of documents confirm one’s certainty and credibility. It aids in justifying that you are a reliable individual and a admissible person who can be obliged to enter another country. Therefore, attestation of documents becomes a need. PEC is a renderer of apostille, attestation services in Coimbatore and is well-certified for the profession. We render client assistance services and confirm that the client is provided with the best services that there are.

At times, you may necessitate to translate your documents too in order to follow the legal policies of the country you’re travelling to. PEC has language translation services available as well and we will get the attestation of documents that are translated too.

What is Attestation & Apostille?

Apostille, attestation are the processes of verification that are needed when you are sailing to another country with the plan of immigration, education, employment or business. One variation between attestation and apostille is that, in apostille, an MEA sticker (also known as Apostille Stamp) is provided on the certified document and an MEA stamp on document attestation.

Wonder why and when do we need apostille, attestation services? Well, attestation is the proof of authenticity of the document and apostille is needed when the country of destination is enclosed by the Hague Convention.

The Hague Convention was signed on the 25th of October, 1980. The basis behind introducing the Hague Convention was that the document apostille & document attestation are important when a person is visiting any country associating to the Hague Convention.

Not anyone can do the attestation of documents. Authorised individuals are allowed to carry out the procedure of attestation and apostille alone. In India, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), is the arm of the Indian Government that attests the documents. MEA Attestation is required for the further attestation procedure. However, it has been regionalized and now the RPOs and Branch secretariats are the ones who do the attestation of documents.

Where can you find the service?

How to get your Documents Attested?
How to get your Documents Attested?
Were you hunting for attestation services in Coimbatore? Well, you have found the right site. attestation services in Coimbatore are not offered by all. PEC provides apostille, attestation services for personal, educational and commercial documents. Be it birth certificate attestation, degree certificate attestation, PCC attestation, marriage certificate attestation we serve them all. Also, apostille services like apostille birth certificate, marriage certificate apostille are offered by us. We here at PEC will provide you with authentic and fast certificate attestation & apostille attestation that you would prefer us again another time. PEC is favored by many when it comes to apostille, attestation services in Coimbatore. It sure is one of the fast apostille services. PEC is a certificate attestation agency that gives courier options too to help your convenience.

Why choose PEC?

There are several reasons that one can object while dealing with this question. PEC has been the most preferred and the best attestation services in Coimbatore for more than 6 years now. We have the finest embassy attestation that include Saudi attestation, Qatar Attestation, Kuwait Attestation, Oman Attestation & UAE Attestation too. We have advanced this certainty and assurance all because of the backing and experience that we have earned in the past years. So why pick PEC?

  • Reliable and Trustworthy
    The staff that works behind PEC is verified and trustworthy. We have handpicked your service providers so that you shall face no disappointment.
  • Knowledge and Expertise in the field
    PEC is experienced in the attestation and apostille services. We are through with the knick-knacks of the services that we are providing.
  • Professional Handling
    Only the professionals will be handling your delicate and confidential documents. We have hired responsible persons who know what their job is and are the best at it.
  • Authentic and Genuine
    We like to maintain transparency of the process and progress of your work with you so that you stay updated. We keep in touch with you and make sure we are not disappointing you in any way.

We have carried this reputation all along and we are apprehending to keeping up with it. We sure aspire to become the best apostille & attestation services in India. Let us attend you and you shall endeavour our notable service for document attestation in Coimbatore.


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